Thank you for helping WinePays reach our initial goals! At this time we are no longer accepting image/menu submissions; however we plan to resume in the near future.

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WinePays App Download the WinePays app from the App Store. Register here or from your phone.

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2. Photograph

Amazon Gift Card Take a picture of each page on the wine menu. Make sure you get a direct clear shot.

3. Redeem

Amazon Gift Card When you're ready to redeem your points for a gift card, visit your account and follow the instructions to redeem.

100 points = $1 (USD)*

Current Maximum Points Per Page** (Prices must be listed on page)

100 points (Tier #1)
At least 5 wines listed (with price) by the glass or bottle
or at least 10 beer bottle/draft listed (with price)
or at least 5 liquor items (not mixed drinks) with prices
50 points (Tier #2)
At least 1 wine listed by the glass or bottle (with price)
or at least 1 beer bottle/draft listed (with price)
or at least 1 liquor items (not mixed drinks, with price listed)
25 points (Tier #3)
25 bonus points for the front cover of menus when accompanied with accepted wine/spirits listings.
Mixed drinks, must list ingredients

The maximum per restaurant is 500 points. A valid brand or product name is required. Generic "House Wine" or "Bottled Beer" does not count towards total.

* Points only for approved images only. Point allocations listed are subject to change.

** Snapshot must contain an entire "Page".

*** At the current time only snapshots of actual menus are allowed.
Web (browser) based menus are not accepted.

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How should I take the picture?
Ideally fill the the view of your camera's preview window with a single wine menu page. Also take direct shot, angles reduce the chances your picture will be accepted.

Why don't I see the points in my account?
We need to review all wine menu pictures to make sure they are clear and readable. Once we have approved or rejected your picture, your account summary will reflect the changes.

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